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Price per minute: $9.99 as of January 17th, 2017

Nick Name: CatherineTayler

Sex: Female

Age: 39

Hair: Other

Eyes: Other

Languages: English

Race: White

Body Type: Curvy

Boob Size: Huge

Pussy Hair: Bald

Sign: Virgo

Measurements: 34-30-38" (86-76-97cm)

Height: 5'5" (1.7m)   Weight: 165lbs (74kg)

What Gets Me Off:

Generous men, Confidence, One on One Attention, Personality. Kissing, Caressing, A Smile, C2C, Sexy women, Breasts, Long hair, Conversation, Pokemon Go...

What I Do On Cam:

I am mostly Voyeur but when I'm not I like clean fun to getting dirty... I enjoy camming so it can be sexual or nonsexual.. great convo is always welcome! I don't do what I don't want to do! Ask first please

My Sex Skills:

Gagging, deepthroating, messy bj's, J/O/I, SPH, Pantyhose, dirty talk, etc No penetration, sorry dudes... Roleplay in Exclusive only!


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  • Tileman0 Tileman0 - on 07/20/12 -
    13   19
    Agreed with "peacenik" totally gross girl and shouldnt be one the first row, i see alot of other girls that put on amazing shows and fall lower down than her
  • wilder1013 wilder1013 - on 07/20/12 -
    5   9
    Catherine is just a sweetheart! She is so sexy and I love her beautiful ink! She has always been super nice to me and is one of only a few Cam girls that will answer their fans Tweets and talk with them! Check her sexy ass out, you will not be disappointed !
  • Peacenik Peacenik - on 07/19/12 -
    9   12
    * Comment edited
  • wtf wtf - on 07/20/12 -
    7   10
    I am surprised to see comments on here about her body type and tattoos. Especially from a member who I once had respect for. She lists her body type as curvaceous, so if you are not into bigger women than don't enter her room. Why people who have never joined one of her camshows are on are here reviewing her camshow is rude and immature. On to the rating of her show - Joined a couples show and it was hot natural fucking. Nothing fake and really sexy!
  • LilCol LilCol (1) - on 07/21/12 -
    5   8
    Catherine is a very Kind, Sweet and Caring lady. I have only known Catherine for a few months, but she has been there to help me with a few problems I have had. She is a very hard working lady and has gotten where she is by hard work and not any other reason. I love her tattoos and her body. Catherine is a very Sexy, Gorgeous and Beautiful lady. People who don't like Catherine's body type or her tattoos then don't enter her room and leave space for people how do like her and appreciate her
  • Streamatelover Streamatelover - on 07/22/12 -
    8   11
    Peacenik is soooooooo right! Must be doing something, so many more pretty girls on the site!!! Everyone must need some glasses! I have seen her show. She is very nice and does have decent fake boobs, but 5-star model she is not!
    *Comment Edited
  • JD JD - on 07/20/12 -
    4   6
    Very erotic and sensual. Love her shows and I am a true fan
  • Jdawg Jdawg (1) - on 07/23/12 -
    2   4
    Awsome lady. I love her so much she is amazing and sweet. A+++

  • Hopewing01 Hopewing01 (1) - on 07/23/12 -
    2   4
    Catherine,she is my best. xxx Love you dear.
  • CTLover CTLover - on 07/24/12 -
    3   5
    What to say about Kitty? Well first let's talk about those negative reviews. I hope she doesn't take that seriously. It's laughable really lol A real review is on the site she's on already...from members that actually saw her online. I believe it's hard to please everybody so that people don't like her is not surprising...you can't please everybody. What really matters is that for who likes the way she looks, the way she is...she's just amazing. She can sit and talk to you, be a little more sexy if you want...or whatever you have in mind she listens to you and will try to please you if she can and if you are respectful. "reviewing" on why she is where she is and who she is...is not really a review. She has 5 stars on the site because she deserves it and amazing real reviews because she deserves it. If the people that gave those bad comments really saw her they had the opportunity to write the same bad review for everybody to see...after page 5 of her reviews I haven't see anything like that. So people believe people that know her and talk to her and appreciate her...not fake reviews.
  • TommyBoy TommyBoy - on 08/30/12 -
    0   2
    I am not a fan of her new face tattoos, but if you like that look she is great. Just not for me.
  • Chris Chris - on 09/18/12 -
    0   2
    So hot....that's all I have to say:) Cat is definitely nice and such a turn on:)
  • Booblover Booblover - on 12/19/12 -
    0   2
    Her boobs are simply magic! We all love Cat:) keep up the good work.
  • Johnny Johnny - on 02/25/13 -
    0   2
    Simply gorgeous! Just found her on Rabbitsreviews when she got the best boobs awards...and sooooo deserve it! Amazing chick.
  • damien damien (2) - on 02/27/14 -
    0   2
    Very nice tatoo!!!
  • QueenMary QueenMary (2) - on 03/01/14 -
    0   2
    I would die for those boobies, marry me!!!!!
  • shavedallover shavedallover (1) - on 03/31/14 -
    0   2
    Her body is so beautiful! .who says there's no god!
  • CharlesLinc CharlesLinc (4) - on 04/03/14 -
    0   2
    Wonderful model and friend. Great show.
  • NickyD NickyD - on 07/20/12 -
    4   5
    crazy, funny, sexual, curvy. luv ya girl from NYC
  • left12099 left12099 - on 07/23/12 -
    2   3
    She is awesome. Gets into my brain and sets me off.
    *Comment Edited
  • barns barns - on 07/24/12 -
    4   5
    cute but a drama lama
  • MrAnonymous MrAnonymous - on 08/13/12 -
    3   4
    Catherine Tayler is amazing she is the reason why i started coming to streamates..her gold shows are one of the best one the site and those tits of hers just scream motor boat me :)
  • Mark Mark - on 08/27/12 -
    1   2
    If you don't like it move on. Have to appreciate the look. Not to mention that everyone of these gals has a personal life of some sort that we may or may not know of. It's all fantasy and she does it for me.
  • booblover booblover - on 09/21/12 -
    1   2
    I thought you were hot with your tats but why your boobs I wish you would have left them alone you were fine but hey I am still a fan of big boobs. Hope you do not get anymore..
  • Tom Tom - on 12/19/12 -
    0   1
    Interesting comments....since beauty is very subjective these people can only be haters or other jealous models...Anyway, you'll love Catherine if you are NOT looking for the boring skinny girl moaning, faking probably and thinking she's the hottest thing in the world. But if you like to have a REAL conversation...and more;) then you'll be like me and you'll be a fan:)
  • rabbit rabbit (62) - on 05/14/12 -
    10   10
    Big boned tattoed goddess, CatherineTayler, loves to play it up for the cam. In this show, Catherine pulls us into her bathroom where her fiancé is having a soak. Watch as her short dark hair slides back and forth while she gags on his cock. You can see her huge breasts rest perkily down by his knees. Somehow the promised tease show turns into a fuck show as she moves around and he starts banging her doggy style. The bath water may not be warm but watching Catherine Tayler take a cock is anything but cold. Then, despite the promise of a tub show, she takes us into the bedroom where he continues to take her from behind. You get a little POV but user interaction is next to nil as the pair seek to satisfy their own personal pleasures. One of the best shots has her riding reverse cowgirl on his dick with her big, meaty pussy facing the cam.
  • Telly Telly - on 07/18/12 -
    7   7
    Best goddamn REAL woman I have spent time with in all my years of being a member. Keep up the good work!
  • UglyBerkley UglyBerkley - on 07/20/12 -
    5   5
    Wow very impressive comments here from I believe other performers that are simply jealous that personality is all it matters. Catherine is definitely one of a kind. If you don't like tattoos go somewhere else;) But following Catherine for years she's always been on the front page of Streamate. That's kinda low what others girls can do or say by jealousy. Ah ah
  • Malt Malt - on 07/20/12 -
    5   5
    Nicky think you meant a 5 lol
    I have to agree. Catherine has helped me through many lonely nights. She does not mind entertaining her fans and never is negative about other models like some girls I have gone to. Keep up the great work Catherine. We love you
  • Limrick Limrick - on 07/22/12 -
    8   7
    She is a sweetheart of a girl works very hard I see, is active on Twitter to a point it gets annoying. Had to unfollower her!
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